Cable Set (No Bottle Cradles/Clips) for Float Wine Display System

Cable Set (No Bottle Cradles/Clips) for Float Wine Display System

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New! Gold hardware is now available and can be combined with either clear or grey glass cradles.

Prefer to customize your Float wine display layout with a specific number of bottles? Purchase this set of 4 high-tension steel cables with floor and ceiling mounting attachments. Glass cradles with clips that affix to the cables are sold separately. These 4 cables will provide the structure for one column of racking.

Cables are 12 feet long to accommodate ceilings up to 12 feet high. They can be shortened for lower ceilings. Floor and ceiling mounting attachments have a satin chrome finish.

SOLID STRUCTURAL BACKING IS REQUIRED in your floor and ceiling for successful installation (3/4" plywood is recommended). This is critical to a successful installation. Note that we will not accept returns of product damaged due to improper installation.

By Request
Have a ceiling taller than 12 feet? Contact us to request longer cables.

For maximum visual impact and ultimate architectural flare, our float wine displays and racking systems offer a “wow” factor (with a side of functional storage).

Featuring reliable, high-tension cables and a glass suspension system, these floating displays flex around your collection capacity requirements and personal style preferences.

As a highly-customizable option, you’ll get to choose from display style, hardware finishes, and bottle capacity, designed unique to your space.