12 Bottle Float Cable Wine Racking Display Kit

12 Bottle Float Cable Wine Racking Display Kit

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New! Gold hardware is now available and can be combined with either clear or grey glass cradles.

Choose the 12 bottle Float wine racking kit to create a minimalist and modern wine display in your home or add a display feature to your wine cellar. This kit includes:

  • 12 glass cradles with 4 clips to fasten cradles to cables
  • 4 high tension architectural wine cable systems with floor & ceiling mounting points (for up to 12 foot ceiling height)

Bottles can be spaced vertically as per your preference. The cable wine racking system can be shortened to any length lower than 12 feet. Orient the bottles however you like: neck or label forward.

SOLID STRUCTURAL BACKING IS REQUIRED for successful installation (3/4" plywood is recommended).

Combine multiple Float cable wine rack kits for wine cellar applications or to create a more extensive floating wine rack wall or room divider.

Please note that glass cradles are handmade and as such, each one is unique and may have minor imperfections or variations.